Privacy Policy

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Hire Cars Costa Blanca handling of your private information
Hire Cars Costa Blanca will protect your integrity and private information. This policy describes why we gather information about you and how that information is handled. By using our services you approve that we use the information that you give us

What information do we collect?
Hire Cars Costa Blanca will collect your information such as your name, e-mail address and phone number when you contact us directly, when you join any one of our newsletters, interact with us on social media or when you in any other way willingly share your information with us.
We also use cookies that helps us with analytics and in our effort to provide as good an experience as we can on our webpage.
By the new EU standard of GDPR, Hire Cars Costa Blanca is the data controller of your information. We comply with that standard and the responsibility that comes with GDPR.
If you retain our services we will collect any other information that we need to perform our services to your liking but never without you giving us the right to do so.

Why do we collect your private information?
Your private information is important to us to provide our services.
Your information is used by us for you to take part of our services and so that we can identify you, handle our contact with you and send you information about our services as long as you have not told us that you do not wish to take part of that information.
Finally we also use demographic information to keep statistics of our market.

Who do we share your information with?
We will never disclose your private information to anyone!

How long do we save your private information?
Hire Cars Costa Blanca will save your information as long as we need it to achieve the purposes that are described in this policy.
If you chose to deregister from our database we will delete your information as soon as possible with exception for information that we are obliged by law to keep, such as accounting information and for not identifiable information that we use for statistics reasons.
This also applies to any post that you have done in any social media managed by Hire Cars Costa Blanca

Do you want to know more?
You always have the right to know what information we have about you in our systems and you can request that we correct or remove any information about you if they are wrong, inaccurate or if you just so request.
The only action that you need to take is to contact us through our website and we will handle your request as soon as possible.

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